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Best City Deals was created so local businesses can get more exposure, more visibility and more brand awareness for their business at an investment that they can actually afford.

I owned a brick and mortar store back in 2012 and found it so expensive to advertise, also advertising¬† in your local paper didn’t get us the results we were looking for.

I used to pay £720 a month for 1 advert in the local paper that was a 1/4 page ad, once a week at £180 a time, the results I got from that was basically zero.

When you advertise through Best City Deals, we advertise for you 24/7, targeting some of your most valuable customers. We collect all the data such as name, email and phone number and are then able to get back in touch with them to market to them to get them to come back to your place of business.

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Local businesses are finding it tough out there and we wanted to help them get more sales and revenue in a way that wouldn’t break the bank and where they would actually see an ROI {Return On Investment}.

This program is perfect for that, also once a business is in the program, it’s not just a set-up and forget way of advertising. We encourage you to tell us your story and a little about why you do what you do, this is great if it’s on video too, we take that information and feature your business on social media where you will get massive exposure, customers love to see a little behind the scenes of their favourite places they like to visit locally.

We do everything we can to help your business grow and as I owned a brick and mortar store, I know 1st hand what you need to get your business and business name out there.

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We concentrate on one town or city at a time, once that program is set-up for that town, we move on to the next town or city, also we only allow 12 local businesses per town or city in to the program, giving you exclusivity in your town.

If you would like to be part of this program then don’t hesitate to get in touch so we can have a chat about your business getting set-up in to the program.

We may have to put you on to a waiting list for your town or city, but we promise you will be really glad you got in touch.

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