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Why A Program Like This Will Help Your Business

Best City Deals is a way for all local businesses to be able to get more exposure, more visibility, more brand awareness leading to more sales and revenue.

This program is quite unique, meaning you won’t find a program that helps local businesses like this, however, to make it even more exclusive, we only work with 12 local businesses per town or city and each one of those businesses will be different from each other.

So in the program, we may have a Hair Salon, Tanning Salon, Bar, Chiropractor, Gym, Nail Bar, Tattoo Studio, Florist, Pizzeria, Indian Restaurant, Steak House and say a Photographer.

There is no competition within the program with having all different niches and it works perfectly for all businesses involved.

These businesses get massive exposure as we have a dedicated website for each town and also a dedicated Facebook page for each town or city.

There is also a countrywide Facebook page where all businesses get exposure.

We feature each business on the Facebook page at least twice a month and as this page grows this will be massive for the business featured.

On the website, each business will have its business stand out with the name of the business, an image, website address, telephone number, any offer they have and their store or home address giving the huge visibility, exposure and brand awareness.

Best City Deals puts a compelling ad on Facebook and some of your most valuable customers are targeted, Best City Deals creates all the graphics, videos, scripts and does all the targeting and management of the ad.

This is a proven system that works amazingly for local businesses and all for 1 low investment each month that is less than a Starbucks a day.

For a local business to advertise in their local paper once a week with a 1/4 page ad, it would cost around £720 a month and that ad is only shown once a week.

Best City Deals advertises 24/7 for a fraction of that cost and with far better results.

Now if you would like the opportunity to be part of this program in your town or city, then make sure you get in touch, remember we only allow 12 businesses and 1 niche business per town or city.

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